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Sports betting is a time honored tradition and betting on chariot races was for instance very popular among the ancient Greek. Today, it is easier than ever before to place a wager on your sport of choice, since you can use your phone or your computer instead of trying to locate a local bookmaker. The advent of online sports betting also means that you can bet on events regardless of where in the world they are taking place. A Swedish punter can bet on an international cricket match taking place in India, while a Canadian gambler stakes a wage on a Swedish regional hockey contest.

BetCamp is a comprehensive sports betting site where you can learn more about sports betting, from the very basics of proposition bets to the ins and outs of more complex things like parimutuel betting and Asian handicaps. We also share our favorite tips on how to maximize sports betting profits. To make it easier for you to find a bookmaker that suits your particular needs and preferences, BetCamp features in-dept reviews for a long row of the world's most popular betting sites.

Throughout the history of sports betting, many different types of betting have evolved and it is today possible for the punter to take advantage of a wide range of wager variants. Here are a few examples of bets that you may encounter as you dive deep into the wonderful world of sports betting.

Parlays involve multiple bets and will give you a large reward if you get them all right. A parlay bet can for instance be comprised of four sporting events and the bettor who correctly predicts the result of all four of them will receive a much larger payout than if the four wagers had been made separately. On the other hand, one error is all it takes to lose the entire wager.

Progressive parlay

A progressive parlay is, just like an ordinary parlay, comprised of multiple bets. However, you can have a certain amount of errors and still receive (a reduced) payout. Because of this, the maximal payout is not as large as it would be for a standard parlay.

If bet

An if bet is two or more straight bets joined together by an if-clause. If the punter's first selection complies with the clause, then the second section will have action. If the second selection complies with the clause, then the third selection will have action, and so on.

Teaser bet

A teaser bet is a combination of bets regarding at least two different games. The bettor can adjust the point spreads for the two games, but will get a lower payout than if he had made individual straight bets.

Future wager

“Future wager” might sound like an odd term considering how all normal bets are bets regarding future events. However, when you come across the term future wager you can assume that it is referring to events that will take place at least several weeks into the future. A future wager can for instance concern which hockey team will win the Stanley Cup in the upcoming season, when the season hasn't even started yet.

Run line / Puck line / Goal line

These bets are commonly offered for baseball (run line), hockey (puck line) and association football (goal line). They have a fixed point spread and typically offers a higher return for the favorite and a lower return for the underdog. This makes them an attractive alternative to the straight moneyline bets.